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Dal Makhani Masala

100g Black Lentils & 25g Red Kidney Beans, Soak both overnight. Boil Lentils & Red kidney beans in 1.5 ltr. Water till soft. If required more water can be added. Cook 100g Tomato puree, paste of Onion Ginger & Garlic, with small quantity of Kashmiri Mirch and Chaubejee Dal Makhani Masala separately for 5 minutes. Add it to boiling lentils & beans & simmer for 10 minutes. Now add 30g cream and 30g butter. Take the salt. Adorn with green coriander leaves and green chili, Dal Makahani is ready to serve.


Ingredients: White salt, Red chilli, Tej patta,Yellow pepper,Cumin seed, Coriander seed, Dry ginger, Clove, Amchur, Peppel,  Cinnamon, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Large cardamom, Black Salt, Asafoetida.

Available in: 15gm 


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