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Dal Ka Masala

This is special type of Masala awhich has ben specially used for the last 85years by household ladies in their kitchens, In prestiglous hotels, marriage & birthday parties by the confectioners and an effort has been made to get you acqualled with the dellcious taste of this masala. It is not used only in Dal but also in vegetables such as Dum-Potatoes, Onion- Potatoes, Cauliflower- Potatoes, Malai-Kofta, Shahi- Kofta, Peas- Potatoes, Palak-Paneer, Shahi-Paneer, Matar-Paneer, Lady Finger and Masala, Tinda and in Salad. It is used in Saltish Dishes (NAMKEENS) such as fried Kaju, Groundnut (Mungfali) grains, Dalmoth, Samosas-Kachori, Pakauri, Papad, Potatos Chips etc. In very high scale. It is also used preparation of Hari Chatni (Dhania & Pudina) sweet Chatni, Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian dishes of Rice known as Pulao. It will be so tasty & delicious that you never forget its delicious taste.

Please aprinkle in Dal Vegetable & other commondities according to your taste & requirements when it is ready to serve & use. It will balance the lack of different masala and raise the taste.


Ingredients : Salt, Yellow Pepper, Black Pepper, Cumin Seed, Coriander, Dry Ginger, Amchur, Clove, Peppel, Cinnamon, Asafetida, Nutmeg, Large Cardamom, Black Salt. 

Available in : 1kg, 500gm, 250gm, 100gm, 50gm, 10gm  


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